Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of coverage given to the ‘11:11 phenomenon’ across the internet. Should you be unaware to the premise, the phenomenon is based on the seemingly improbable occurrence of the numbers 11:11 in a variety of forms and guises. Whether it be on your computer, microwave, watch or receipt it seems that the numbers are somehow looking for you, and often leave the witnessing individual in a heightened state of awareness. As well as suggesting that the individual is unconsciously moving through life in some form of cosmic order, the numbers also tend to appear more rapidly to those going through difficult emotional transitions or times of personal turbulence. Although these assertions are purely hypothetical they are well documented by countless internet bloggers and writers the world over. I have personally experienced the synchronistic charms of its manifestation for over three years, and it would seem that many others have been caught in its glare for well beyond that. Even within this realisation there was a further synchronistic endorsement to unfold for me. I discovered that Uri Gellar was one of the principle spoke-persons for raising awareness on this mysterious phenomenon. Of course there is nothing too perturbing about this in its own right, unless you are averse to the theatre of bending spoons! What resonated for me however was that only five years earlier I had been invited to join Uri on stage from a crowd of hundreds at the Wimbledon Theatre. I sat with my partner who turned to me before the show begun. ‘You are going to get called to participate, I just know you will’. I also felt strangely confident of her assertion, and only minutes later Uri was using my static frame to prove the power of the mind over matter! I was impressed by Uri’s humanist persona and contacted him by email after the show. He emailed me his phone number and we had a conversation based around his encouragement for me to follow my spiritual and personal beliefs. Again, I was touched by his personal generosity in taking the time to reach out to me. I find it curious and intriguing to see that we have also been connected by the occurrence of 11:11 in our lives. At the very least it makes for an interesting pattern for linking us as individuals on a number of levels, despite the seeming randomness of our life paths.

I have read numerous philosophies on 11:11 and many of them seem to carry some level of validity. In some sense I wonder if that’s the point, which illuminates the potential failing of cognitive projection. I think our assertions towards its occurrence have to be kept somewhat open, almost in a similar vein to dream interpretation. Our Western culture seems to be increasingly reliant on the intellect, which has a limitation that often seems to work against the complexity and seeming randomness of nature and the universe at large. The sense of experience from those witnessing the numbers perhaps links them in to a formless quality that transcends the cumbersome physical and cognitive planes that we have become so deeply embedded in. It would be hypocritical for me to completely draw away from the nature of its physical occurance however. In the past twelve months I have had to go through some testing times on an emotional and psychological level, and have had to make some very difficult decisions within the process. I sensed that I was transcending some of the psychological barriers imposed upon me although this is detailed in my book, ‘The Three Maidens...’ (sorry for the shameless plug!). I cannot describe how reassuring it was to be greeted by the numbers 11:11 once I had taken a seemingly risky action; it was almost like a paternal wink from the universe. One such situation involved me resigning from a temporary job whilst we remain in a challenging jobs market. I had decided that the role was undermining me, and my basic requests to make the situation more workable were ignored so I duly resigned. In the evening I paused my DVD to visit the bathroom, and returned to see that it was stopped on 11:11. If that was not enough to placate me, the following afternoon I went to collect my iPod from my bedroom. I picked it up and looked at the screen. The time had frozen to 11:11 (it was around 1.30pm) and the track displayed was ‘Perfect’ by Depeche Mode. It’s wonderful to know that I’m being looked after on some level, and I dare suggest it has been necessary. I am risk averse by nature, so it is reassuring to be accountable to a seemingly higher power!

There is much more I want to say on this fascinating topic, and I shall be revisiting it again when the ‘time’ is right! ;)

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