Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Law of Attraction

‘The Three Maidens of the Mind’s Mirror’ essentially tells my life story based around the theme of the ‘Law of Attraction’. I’m loathe to refer to the unfolding of my life path with these terms however, as they seem to be increasingly misunderstood. The pop-spiritual movement has churned out countless self-help books in this arena, most notably ‘The Secret’. The Secret is a painfully superficial and misleading guide for creating the world we supposedly want. The book is living proof that we cannot create quick fix solutions to draw the things we desire, as thousands of disappointed readers attest to in blogs and reviews across the web. It would seem that it is against our evolutionary impulse to quickly override our deeply imbedded psychological patterns. Effort and long-standing discipline are the bedrock of any deep-seated change, which in turn naturally undermine our egoic urges for instant gratification. The universe is in no rush to reveal itself, and why should it be when time itself is only an imaginary construct of mankind?

I completed a number of sessions in hypnosis to try and bring about a change in my beliefs and attitudes towards the world. On some level the sessions seemed to have a positive impact, and they undermined some of the anxiety and depression that I had experienced. I continued to be drawn to painful and damaging environments however, which would rupture and exasperate the emotions that I was trying to placate. Even within the supposed power of hypnosis, the efforts were superficial in addressing the deeply imbedded urges of my psyche. This seems to point towards the problem on a number of levels. Firstly our beliefs are not purely reliant on cognitive processes, much to the detriment of self-help literature. Even the terms unconscious or subconscious are purely labels that can only point towards the mysterious workings of the psyche. Even if we eventually change our thought patterns, it does not mean that this belief has integrated into the deepest part of our being to bring the change we desire. Our deepest beliefs and drives are energetic and transcend what the words can only allude to.

Dzogchen Buddhism speaks of the principles of Samantabhadri ‘the all good lady’. This is a multi-faceted philosophy that I can only touch on briefly here (and hopefully in the correct manner!) Essentially, this partly equates to a cosmic principle of the psyche, where we draw situations and relationships to us that offer the opportunity for us to unpick our psychological knots. In essence you could say that universe loves us so much, that it ushers us into situations that allow us to potentially overcome our limitations and continue on the path to eventual enlightenment. This again alludes to the deeper sense of self that is always in relationship to the outer world, regardless of the conscious thought patterns that may be manifesting at the time.

What I write here is not meant to completely undermine positive thought or some of the better quality self-help manuals. I just wanted to illuminate from my personal experience that ‘The Law of Attraction’ works in many diverse ways. We need to understand where our current patterns have emerged from, so we can get to the core of our issues and make the changes in our deeper self. To then get what we think we want, we have to act out the belief symbolically in the world and in our relationships to others. The actions and new beliefs can eventually integrate into our energetic core. We have to live and truly know in our deepest sense what we ask for, rather than forcefully think and will what we supposedly want to draw to us. Even within this we have to acknowledge our interconnected nature to the universe and the people around us, so we can respect the eventual fruits of our psychological labours. It seems that we do create the world we live in, but we have to respect the principles that underpin this.

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