Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Vampire Nation

The internet is awash with advise and information regarding ‘Psychic Vampirism’. Aside from the esoterically charged labelling, psychic vampirism is a very real and earthly phenomenon that we all experience to varying degrees in our lives.

For those unaware, I shall provide a brief synopsis of what psychic vampirism consists of. An individual or group, which is emotionally deprived on some level essentially acts as the ‘vampire’. This label is a metaphor based on the premise that they are aiming to deprive you of your emotional energy, in the same way that a classical fictional vampire would be seeking your blood. To access the victim’s energy, the vampire(s) will act in a variety of maladaptive ways, until the energy is released. The vampires will typically keep their victim in a state of emotional unrest, which creates a frenetic energetic state that releases energy. The vampire, on some mysterious level, then ‘feeds’ from this release, giving them a charge that validates and increases their state of being. The vampires are typically narcissistic in their nature, which ensures that they are devoid of the empathic qualities that would naturally prevent their abusive behaviour. In a double binding feedback loop, the narcissism of the vampire stops them from being able to access their own inherent energy supply as they cannot have an authentic relationship with themselves. They seek to dominate and manipulate the outer world to help co-create a false sense of self, and need to take from the other to keep the story and energy alive. Sadly the vampirism is not just limited to one to one relationships, many groups and governments also work in a similar format on much grander scales. Sadly this takes me onto my next point…

Our contemporary culture is leaving swathes of the population with a sense of emotional deprivation. The media and our retail culture seems to be aiming at the lowest common denominator of our psyche. We are constantly bombarded with advertising for products we do not need, crude sexualised images and videos from pop stars and seemingly conflicting messages about what ‘society’ wants from us as individuals. As a result many feel bamboozled and inadequate towards themselves and their relationship to the world. Its quite clear that the media and corporate greed have led to an overwhelming moral decline, which is now so pervasive that our corrosive world is actually now perceived as ‘normal’. Within this we have a classical symbol of a vampire/victim relationship. Just as a one to one relationship would see the vampire questioning and bullying the victim until they release their energy and self-belief, corporations are doing the same with the nations that they supposedly serve. The damage this causes on the mind cannot be underestimated. On a more granular level, the emotionally deprived victims of our culture will walk blindly into abusive and controlling relationships as a reflection of the low self worth that has been conditioned within them.

On a material level, the Western world has never lived in such unquestionable abundance. Somehow however, we have managed to rack up hundreds of millions of pounds of personal debt between us. The vampire corporations have made us feel that we have not had enough, and now we have given them more than we actually have. The simplicity of this story is so overwhelming that most cannot see it. Until we learn to think analytically and build a wholesome relationship within our inner world, we will allows be prey to the outside worlds corrosive dictatorship.

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