Tuesday, 15 November 2011

You are Satan!

Stripping Satan of his mythical persona, which permeates contemporary culture with horned images and pointed hand signalling can take us back to the origin of ‘his’ meaning. The original Hebrew translation is a noun that principally means to ‘obstruct or oppose’. This literal meaning takes us a little closer to home, which may be uncomfortable reading for some. Bad news people…you potentially are Satan and always were! When people speak of evil actions and conspiracies they often superstitiously refer to ‘unseen forces’ at work. The unseen might be better phrased as unconscious. Just as Jesus said as he was raised to the cross, ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’. We can see that ‘Satan’ is at work here, but not in the mystical, phenomenal way that we have come to associate with ‘him’. The mind’s of those that partook in the crucifixion were principally ‘obstructed’ from being consciously connected to the actions that they undertook. The darker un-revealed aspects of their psyche were motivating them to murder and goad a man based purely on his spiritual beliefs. If they were fully conscious of their choices and actions, then the crucifixion could not have taken place.

Many of us feel blocked and trapped in our life due to psychological patterns. This can often lead to addictive or destructive behaviours that further weaken an individual’s resolve. Perhaps on a deeper level the individual does not realise that their own psyche is creating the same situations again and again so they can transcend the limitations imposed upon them. ‘Satan’ is at work for the world’s evils, but ‘he’ is an ephemeral guiding principle for our own awakening. What we refuse to see and heal in ourselves is reflected back ‘out’ into the world when the appropriate causes and conditions manifest.

‘Satan’ is running rampant on the world stage today as numerous collectives make dramatic attempts to transcend the limitations that we have imposed on ourselves. Mankind had chosen to deny the truth that most politicians seek power because of their own unrecognised shadow of inner deprivation and the subsequent result is an unbalanced and shamefully unfair world. As a result certain civilisations are being awarded the opportunity to awaken from the ‘Satanic’ slumber that has enslaved them and take control of their own destiny. Many generations have lived through the unconscious feedback loop of its leaders aspirations. This has allowed significant swathes of the current generation to become conscious of our situation to overcome the ‘obstruction’ of our current predicament. Similar observations could be made towards our current bout of materialism and the vacuous stranglehold of the media. We have been the first generation to be granted an on mass opportunity to live out the futility of a materialistic life. Thankfully this seems to have made many people ill and/or mad, as they become conscious of the ‘obstruction’ of their inner sense of deprivation. By living through our unconscious process on a collective level we are been given the opportunity to heal individually along with the world around us. ‘Satan’ is not such a bad bloke after all!

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