Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Emotional Terrorism

Dictionary.com defines terrorism as ‘The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.’ In an era of profound moral degeneration, the use of ‘terrorism’ has become so ingrained into our psychological culture that many of us simply do not recognise it anymore. Just as the unfortunate civilians of war torn Afghanistan will learn to adapt and on some level except the extreme violence that blights their life’s on a near daily basis, we in the West have become equally adept towards the violation of our emotional and psychological health.

Britain in particular seems to have become immersed in a never-ending stream of provocative messages that have eventually eroded the psychological fabric that once bound our nation together. This is happening on some many different levels it’s almost hard to know where to begin. As a starting point, we could perhaps look towards the feminist movements that have constantly beaten the drum of female independence. History has been newly presented to suggest that the farer sex have been shackled and inhibited from reaching their true potential on a grand scale. This was of course before we became a nation of super egos, and our family lives were used as a bedrock of co-created support. When we ask our own mothers and grandmothers, do they typically seem that they have been robbed of an opportunity to shine? In my experience it was quite the opposite, and they benefited from a meaningful and collaborative effort to contribute to civilisation. Once the whispers in the ear begin however history is changed, and often men and women are competing against each other on some level, befitting of the political aim of emotional terrorism.

The sexualisation of our children is another profound act of emotional violence. This has been a drip, drip effect for some years, although it really seemed to come to ahead when Britney Spears sexualised the school uniform. Things have gathered momentum in the last few years however, with the likes of Rihanna singing about ‘whips and chains’ in pop songs that are psychologically embraced in the playground. The parents of these children are perhaps shocked, but also on some level submissive to what’s offered, as it’s almost impossible to censor it. Our children are the first generation in history to have been immersed in culturally acceptable sexual themes from a very young age. We are literally bathing their psyche in the lowest common denominator, and unconsciously moulding their value systems. It is almost impossible to shield them from the psychological terrorism, however we might try.

On a more granular level the crude individualism that our culture is cultivating, brings out some of the worst acts of emotional terrorism. Shows like the X Factor, best demonstrate the noble art of ‘victim-hood’ and how this filters through into our daily life. The shows contestants are trained in how to manipulate the public by using their hardship as a form of emotional weaponry. Should the public eventually get a whiff of their authentic immorality, they are once again presented with tears and maladaptive speeches to hoodwink them. What message does this send out to impressionable younger people? Shows like The Apprentice (and even more shamefully Junior Apprentice) also make light of the corrosive behaviour used by contestants to ‘win’. Millions watch these shows, and they unconsciously condition the more susceptible on what behaviour is acceptable. I have seen this filter through into corporate life with my own eyes on countless occasions. Most frequently this occurs through what is commonly known as the ‘control drama’. Should an individual have done something wrong, and be held into account for it, they use tears, tantrums and victim-hood as a smoke screen to move away from a sense of responsibility and shame the other people involved. This is a replication of the behaviour used by Simon Cowell’s vile bandwagon, and is now so pervasive that its sadly quite ‘normal’ to experience.

Emotional terrorism is happening on some many different levels, that I could only name a fraction of them here. We could also consider materialism, advertising the media… the list is endless. The political motive of any emotional terrorism is the same however, it is gratification and ‘victory’ for the deficient individual or group that creates the assault in the first instance. Only collectively can we highlight the perpetrators and calmly bring them into a more cohesive and accountable way of being.

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