Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What's in a Word?

Our contemporary Westernised intellects are becoming increasingly immersed in information. Every day the average person will take in an abundance of information from a myriad of sources. There are countless benefits to the internet and its extensive media family, although our minds seem to be increasingly reliant on the concepts that are fed to us. Within this reliance, there seems to be a blurring of how we relate to our true nature. Many people walk blindly within the dictatorship of their media diet, with out fully understanding the significance or symbolism of the words that they constantly consume. I believe that more language and information can risk polluting the purity and landscape of our mind.

Lets try look at this in its simplest form. I might say, ‘I like the X Factor’. Ignoring the dangerous connotations of such a statement, we can accept the sentence and generally feel satisfied with our understanding of it. This is where the hypnotism of language comes into play. There are many ways I could pick apart our obvious misunderstanding of this sentence, but in this instance I shall highlight one significant area. I said that I ‘like’ the infamous TV talent show. The trouble is, no one on this planet actually knows what ‘liking’ is. Sure, we can use ‘liking’ as a conceptual reference point in conversation, but what actually is the ‘liking’? I seem to have a positive energetic reaction when Little Mix appear on my TV screen, but yet I do not truly understand what or even where the experience is!! Where does the source of ‘liking’ truly emerge from? We can only offer a humble concept to point in its mysterious direction. This is why more language and information can draw us away from enquiring and resting in the actual nature of our experience.

I know little to nothing of science, although even my limited knowledge cannot escape its assertion that ‘we’ and our environment are particles of energy. Language again, works in tandem with this belief in ways that we rarely seem to analyse or question. If I am depressed I say ‘I am feeling low’. Symbolically this must represent that I am operating on a lower frequency of energy. Likewise, I could say that I am feeling as ‘high as a kite’ which suggests that my energetic level is at a high frequency. We even use these statements regarding our environment, such as ‘there is a funny vibe in here’ or ‘I got a real buzz out of being there’. We seem to give ourselves clues about our nature all the time, with out fully committing to what ‘it’ tells us. Most people believe themselves to be solid and individual entities, although their words and the scientific community are trying to tell them something quite different!

The more we think we know on a conceptual level, somehow seems to make us feel more solid and ‘right’ in some way. Concepts play an important role in our personal and worldly development, but there is a high risk involved. There should be a lightness to our use of language and we must be mindful not to fall too deeply into its literal traps. Meditation gives us a valuable tool to see the transitory nature of the information that runs through our mind, and it’s my aspiration that we will all use this method one day.

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