Friday, 22 March 2013

Inappropriate Authority Figures and the Projected Field of Shame

There are countless cliches and remarks that can be made about the misguided figures of authority that run through-out commerce, politics and various other hierarchical structures.  In and amongst the name calling and confusion that these divisive figures often generate, there remains a deep and unsettling question that needs asking; why are they actually there? We can account a healthy percentage of these individuals to simply being connected to the right people, or having the good fortune of being born into wealth or perhaps developing a certain career path at the right time or age.  This however still leaves swathes of leaders and managers who have attained power over others, whilst essentially being incompetent in the basics of their chosen profession. Inevitably some of these people come undone, whilst others make a living at the expense of their staff and service. These people are not there by accident, regardless of their seemingly comical ineptitude. Their psyche’s retain great power based on their personal denial of shame and inadequacy. The long standing denial of this pain permeates their psychic field in an intoxicating mix of projection and profound personal ignorance. In other words, they believe that their problems are ‘out there’.

We have all met individuals that elicit feelings of shame or inadequacy in us. Some of these instances will be based on the symbolism that the situation has for our deeper mind, whilst others are possibly significant memories that the person may be unconsciously linked to. Quite often however, the feelings do not belong to us at all, and our emotional experiences are a form of psychic attack from the individual who remains in denial of their emotional pain. We are all simultaneously experiencing the same field of consciousness (on some deeper mysterious level) and as a result we are exchanging layers of complex and dynamic energy between us.

It is a curious phenomenon to wish for power over others but this has been present since the beginning of time, and it could be argued that it’s become even more prevalent in modern society. Buddhist teachings relate this to the confusion of Samsara (conditioned existence) and our thirst to make ourselves more ‘real’ and established in the universe. This deep level of craving (that has the potential to manifest in all beings) can be complimented by traumatic events in childhood that leave individuals scarred on a deep level. It is then a choice for the individual to eventually integrate the feelings of powerlessness or repress the material as deeply as possible.  Those that choose to repress this material run the risk of eventually becoming possessed by it, and as though by magic, it can lead them into positions of authority where they begin enacting the ritualised shaming behavior on others. This will often work in a symbiotic partnership with staff members who have encountered their own feelings of powerlessness, which leaves openings within their psychic field. This will elicit the potential for them to be complicit in the surrendering of their personal power, regardless of any conscious concerns they have for their manager’s short comings. The manager (guided under the spell of his or hers unconscious) actually believes on a very deep level that the shame and inadequacy is within the other person, and so symbolically the individuals arrange themselves in positions of power and responsibility through this dark psychic medium. The psychic quality that creates the scenarios will eventually destroy itself through the seeds of its own creation. Hence organisations, hierarchical structures and individuals eventually fall away by their own failure to integrate the truth that the powerlessness was within them all along. The mirror like quality of the universe reflects this back through relational patterns, symbolic enactment’s and energy shifts that eventually need assimilating, or they will destroy the individuals concerned. This can be a very long process however, with generations ruling over others based on the passing of the torch of the dark psychic flame to those that validate and match their controlling ideals.

Quite often the inappropriate leadership’s hierarchy will arrange itself in positions of power in an ascending order of psychological deprivation.  An example of this is clearly illustrated through the Star Wars film series. Within the Empire we have The Emperor and then Darth Vader, with both trying to manipulate and control Luke Skywalker through their misinterpretation of personal power. Darth Vader, is a powerful and sick individual, and is the protagonist in his universal pursuit of destruction. The Emperor however, is such a potent conduit for dark unconscious forces that he actually has to take little or no action in his relationships. The corrupt psychological energy runs so clearly through him, that it simply triggers the worst aspects in those around him, who wantonly do his bidding. Through the conscious, light based choices of Light Skywalker, he is eventually destroyed and freedom is restored to the enslaved. In many ways we are all granted this opportunity in our working lives, and it should be our personal mission to enact positive personal power and awareness when needed. No lightsaber training is necessary!

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