Friday, 4 September 2015

Satan: A Mythological Road Map to Your True Self

Your mind is awareness, and awareness operates on a number of fundamental levels. Your feelings, senses and thoughts are all natural expressions of the inherent qualities of mind. It’s easy to take these experiences for granted in our daily life, and this is what most people do, losing themselves in a pattern of projected endeavour over the course of their lives. A fundamental split occurs through this projection, fostering a separate sense of self in their relationship to the world. Emotions, beliefs and personal qualities become blurred as the inner and outer worlds are enmeshed. The ego rides this maelstrom of confusion, and at its apex, is keen to eradicate the negative aspects and embrace only the pleasant more palatable qualities that the ‘self’ posses. In its simplest terms, the ego is keen to keep bad qualities such as hate, limitation and prejudice ‘out there’ and fence in a more concrete knowing of the positive such as skill, accomplishment and personal validation.

Satan, as understood from a mythological perspective in known as ‘the deceiver’ or he who ‘opposes’.  Satan is also understood to be Gods fallen angel, who lost his place from within the heavens. By opposing Gods will, Satan has become separate, and has deceived himself in doing so. We can see immediate parallels between the mythological story of Satan, and our own emotional projections. The story of Satan was a story created by mind, to illuminate to mind, the dangers of splitting from our fundamentally perfect nature in pursuit of denial and ego driven desires. The ego is looking to create its own story of perfection, but in splitting from what was already perfect, can only oscillate in a dichotomy of its own creation. The more substantiated the ego becomes, the more potency is created in its projections and these become fundamental beliefs for the individual creating them. The temptation for an individual to deceive themselves is ever present. Who amongst us truly wants to look at their hate and short comings and own them with a completely open heart? Satan (as metaphor) is waiting in these dark corners of our mind, already afflicted through the split of egoic perception, to project the hate in outer form. Whether the scape goat is a global figure, such as the historically prejudiced Jewish community, a rival football team, or social peer is irrelevant.  The fact remains that the hate is an expression of our own self-created separation, manifest by our own (often unconscious) free will.  As the hate is denied internally it subsequently generates cycles of never ending suffering (an earth bound hell realm), as like a dog chasing its own tail, the projection of hate can never satiate its own desire, as the True Self’s desire is to never be separate from its own perfect state, and rests below the ego-generated anger. Like a viscous contagion, the feeding of hate separates individuals, families and communities further, as ever deeper patterns are weaved into the fabric of our minds that are inseparable from the societies that we share and co-create. Separation is an internal war manifest externally as a divine mirror to reflect back what we refuse to see within ourselves. Satan is the symbolic messenger within this.
The ego wants to be deceived when it comes to its own self-reflection, it’s inherent to its own nature, which is deception, as the ego itself does not actually exist. Within the powerlessness of nonexistence develops the egos inherent need to establish itself as an actual reality. It needs to create what it can see, and seeks to match and validate itself upon these ideals. A healthy ego can still rest upon reality however, offering appropriate feedback, and complementing relationships and personal development. A highly developed ego however, will begin to bypass the shadow qualities of the individual and/or in many instances will work in union with the shadow creating a potent mix of powerful powerlessness. In a world where mind and matter operate in seamless union, this can be recipe for creating hell on earth. If the corrupted individual genuinely believes their egoic lies, and follows these deeply embedded thoughts, then Satan’s footsteps have walked upon the earth once more. The shadow, which is a potentially ever growing, natural detachment from the light of awareness, will develop as a potent and destructive energy that crystallizes and expresses itself through the individual. The ego will seek out a version of reality to complement its double bind of using powerlessness as power. Like actors in a divine play, the vulnerable and wounded will be drawn to the shadow carrier and made victims of their lies, presence and actions. The ego will feed from this in both parties, creating further divide and fall from the light of our true potential. True healing can only be gifted through the clearing of egoic, self-centred thinking and the energetic damage caused from this. By entering into an ever deeper union with the Authentic Self, the patterns of ego-created thinking will eventually dissolve, and man can then realise the mythology of Satan is beginning to mirror back a deeper form of storytelling which is an authentic road map back to our True home. In knowing this, the living of life itself can become a mythological process of self-revelation that is constantly unfolding for our own benefit.

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